Communication Skills

Using communication skills effectively includes the use of listening skills when you are communicating by talking with another person.

Here's an example: I, a white-skinned person, asked a brown-skinned stranger in southern California to move his ladder away from an office door. I spoke to him in English and he responded by looking puzzled and saying nothing. Then, in fractured Spanish, I asked him if he understood me. He shook his head to communicate "no." I responded with gestures and more fractured Spanish. He finally understood that I wanted him to move his ladder, which he did.

This fragment of an interaction illustrates that listening skills includes "listening to" nonverbal communication.

The fragment also illustrates another point about the communication skill of listening--the importance of assessing whether your messsage is being received.

If I, Lawrence J. Bookbinder, Ph.D., had continued talking to the stranger without checking if he understood me, I might not, of course, have communicated my message to him.


Improving Communication Skills   oooooooo

When I am talking to someone and her eyes glaze over, I sometimes will say to myself:

  • "Maybe she's not interested in listening to the subject I am talking about"
  • "Maybe she doesn't understand what I am saying and is hesitant to ask for clarification."
If her nonverbal cues suggest she is not interested, I might, for example:
  • pause so as to give her an opportunity to speak about a subject in which she is interested.
  • say "What do you think?"
  • say "What's been happening with you lately?"
  • say "Shall we change the subject?"
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